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For the last two years, Arturs has been the CEO of a Latvian IT company “CUNAMI WEB”, where he has gained key experience in the interaction with blockchain technologies. I can honestly say this is one of the best books that I’ve read on the subject matter around what constitutes banking in the present, past and future. The book reads like a trip through the history and spans 70+ years of innovation to get us to the realisation that every bank must be a digital bank to be successful in the present. There have been paradigm changes and technology innovations through the piece which have had significant influence with the core purpose drifting for banks themselves. Recognised as one of the top blockchain advisors globally by Forbes, Oliver has worked closely with / advised some of the most well-known blockchain companies in different industries, such as Dragon Coin (who recently raised over $320m).

However, there are several reasons to believe that such a step wouldn’t solve the problem of inflation. Haydn has over 20 years’ commercial, operational and transformation experience working for retail nd investment banks (UBS/Deutsche Bank), a central bank , a regulator, , a global management consultancy firm (A. T. Kearney) and a Japanese technology company . He brings depth in terms of operational knowledge, and breadth in terms of sector knowledge. He advises corporates and individuals on anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing, anti-bribery and corruption and serious financial crime. He has particular expertise advising clients on legal and regulatory matters for clients in the DLT, ICO and cryptocurrency space. Focuses on FinTech and E-commerce, investments and cryptocurrency transactions, pre-ICO and ICO, compliance and data protection.

  • How lucky we are to be living and working in this industry through this era.
  • Jimmy Nguyen joined nChain Group after a 21-year career as an intellectual property and digital technology lawyer.
  • The Exscudo team would like to extend a warm thank you to all of its ICO participants as we move closer to the next steps and milestones for the EON blockchain and Exscudo products that will be launched soon.
  • Nowadays, the expert’s primary location is BlockchainLab that creates and promotes business solutions, mobile and web services based on blockchain.

And along with my national general sustainable systems campaign activities, I am driven to identify L&D material that makes a profound difference to careers and systems. AND I CAN CONFIRM THAT THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE, ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE FOR ANYONE WITH AN INTEREST IN FINANCE AND/OR SYSTEMS. Indeed, it would be a great advantage for businesses to be able to accept payments in both fiat and crypto without switching gateways – and for users to pay the way they are used to. In the remittances market, too, it’s crucial to have a way for workers’ families to receive the money in a way that is convenient for them. If both a fiat and a crypto currency are available as legal tender, the population will stick with the familiar fiat currency. This is what happened in El Salvador, where very few people actually transact with BTC, in spite of it having an equal status with the dollar.

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As an early investor in Bitcoin, he studied the underlying technology of the blockchain for many years and made a name of himself in the industry. He is an authority on blockchain technology and its impact on commerce and society. He is the world’s first web designer, having started one of the first digital agencies in San Francisco in 1994. Mainly planing, controlling and overseeing the right strategy when it comes to Growth Hacking and Digital Marketing. Ranging from areas such as mobile customer acquisition and retention strategy development to analysing and optimising the users experience, in short shaping Product Innovation & Strategy for them.

Graduated from New York University with an M.S in Global Affairs and Transnational Security. Worked for the United States House of Representatives, the New York Police Department, and several US law firms. Worked as an advisor to the US-Ukraine Parliamentary Group at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Oliver Isaacs has been profiled by Bloomberg, INC and International Business Times as one of the leading authorities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space and was an early investor in Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple . Juergen is an entrepreneur and exponentialist with 15 years of experience in online-business, specialized in product development and digital marketing strategies which are delivering performance with a viral twist at its best. Im left at the end of the book feeling both concerned and excited about the future of digital banking as there are some significant challenges and some excellent challengers to the current system.

How lucky we are to be living and working in this industry through this era. You don’t need to make crypto legal tender to use it as a powerful economic tool. Leveraging cryptocurrencies’ true strengths and integrating them with fiat in the payment and cross-border payment industries can create a real positive change in the lives of millions – without any of the controversies of using crypto as an official state currency. Technically nothing prevents a state from declaring something other than a fiat currency as legal tender – including a cryptocurrency. In fact, various experts predict that between two and five countries will make BTC legal tender in 2022.

She is actively involved in the FinTech ecosystem and as a FinTech thought leader she is often invited to participate in working group discussions, as a keynote speaker / panelist and as an investment selection judge at key European FinTech and private equity events. He has worked with and advised some of the world’s leading social media influencers, Fortune 500 CEOs and tech investors. Kendrick Nguyen is CEO of Republic, an investment platform connecting tech startups and blockchain projects with global investors. Prior to Republic, he served as general counsel of AngelList and Fellow of Stanford University’s Center for Corporate Governance. An immigrant from Vietnam, Kendrick has a strong interest in improving access to capital for underserved entrepreneurs in the US and beyond.

For his diversity leadership, Jimmy has been named a “Top 100 Under 50 Diverse Executive Leader” by Diversity MBA magazine and was inducted into the California Minority Counsel Program’s Diversity Hall of Fame . Iman Mutlaq is a Jordanian entrepreneur, financier and social activist and the Founder/CEO of the Sigma Investments. Forbes magazine’s Middle East edition, published in 2016 and 2017, ranked Iman Mutlaq 32nd and 41st positions respectively in a list of “The 100 Most Powerful Arab Businesswomen. According to OliverWyman, the global transaction costs of cross—border payments amount to $120 billion a year, plus the hidden costs of delayed processing (the average settlement time being 2-3 days). The money supply is controlled by the government, which prints huge amounts of fiat to cover its expenses. The Exscudo team would like to extend a warm thank you to all of its ICO participants as we move closer to the next steps and milestones for the EON blockchain and Exscudo products that will be launched soon.

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“We have raised enough to fund the development of our products”, – says Andrew Zimine, CEO. Now we are going to prove that our products and services are worth the trust our ICO participants have invested in us”. Prior to joining KPMG, Anthony practised as a defence and prosecution trial advocate from a reputable London barristers’ chambers.

  • Published Bimonthly, the Fintech Times explores the explosive world of financial technology, blending first hand insight, opinion and expertise with observational journalism to provide a balanced and comprehensive perspective of this rapidly evolving industry.
  • Kryptino – Latest news, price & more of Crypto Currencies shows the most accurate live prices, charts and market rates from trusted top crypto exchanges globally.
  • He brings depth in terms of operational knowledge, and breadth in terms of sector knowledge.
  • His latest book (seventeenth!) is Digital for Good, focusing upon how technology and finance can work together to address the environmental and social issues we face today and make a better world.

He was involved in various high profile cases including the Rolls-Royce bribery investigation. Before practising as a barrister, Anthony was a financial crime analyst on the foreign exchange desk at Goldman Sachs. Listed in top 100 high-profile representatives of the crypto community, Ismail Malik, What is Yield Farming XL Founder and CEO of BlockchainLab as well as Editor In Chief of ICO CROWD. Open to strategic advisory consulting, FinTech strategy consulting, and NED opportunities. In 2015, 2016, and 2017 Liliana was selected one of the 100 Global Fintech Women Influencers and Leaders by Innovate Finance.

Prior to NestEgg, Lex held a variety of roles in investment management and banking at Barclays, Lehman Brothers and Deutsche Bank. Chris Skinner is known as one of the most influential people in technology. He is an independent commentator on the financial markets and fintech through his blog, the, which is updated daily and as a best-selling author. His latest book (seventeenth!) is Digital for Good, focusing upon how technology and finance can work together to address the environmental and social issues we face today and make a better world. Anthony Nicalo is co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Finhaven, a blockchain powered securities exchange making it easier for growth companies to raise reliable, global capital.

He is an active angel investor, proud father to three young children and a soccer fanatic. Keith is responsible globally for the strategy and development of IBM’s business in Corporate Banking and Financial Markets, a multi-billion dollar business. He works extensively with global financial services clients on their major transformation programmes, frequently on the cutting edge of shaping IBM’s solutions for the Financial Services industry.

He has worked extensively with commercial banks, trade finance organisations and financial markets infrastructure clients on the deployment of Blockchain, both in terms of building new revenue models and cost transformation. She is an ex-investment banker and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in FinTech and investment banking at tier-one financial institutions in the US and the UK. Liliana has global senior level expertise in business strategy, investments, mergers and acquisitions, credit trading, corporate credit lending, risk management, capital markets, venture capital, and FinTech sales and business development. ValueWeb describes the impact of Fintech and how mobile and blockchain technologies are changing the face of finance in building an internet of value. As a result of the emerging internet of value, banks have to become digitalised, and Digital Bank provides a comprehensive review and analysis of the battle for digital banking and strategies for companies to compete. At present, the expert is mainly focused on strategic management of projects related to e-money, cryptocurrencies, and mobile services.

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The multiplier also applies to bonus EONs earned for early investors, but not bounties as these are awarded a separate allocation. The remaining 50% of the unsold EONs will go to a non-profit Exscudo fund to be used as technical coins for further testing and development of the EON network. BinBack is a PHP web application, which displays general information, real-time quotes, trades, interactive historical charts and twitter timeline feed for more than 2000 cryptocurrencies. It is designed to allow you quickly get a website like up and running. Oliver has close connections with some of the most disruptive and high growth startups around.

  • At present, the expert is mainly focused on strategic management of projects related to e-money, cryptocurrencies, and mobile services.
  • He led its successful sale to the leading enterprise mobile commerce platform.
  • Channels issues a letter of credit for any color coin in EON network, and this letter goes directly to the Exscudo exchange.
  • His book about how to trade crypto successfully will be published shortly by Harriman House.

ICO participants will receive the purchased EON coins right after the main network goes live. According to the terms of the ICO, 50% of the unsold coins will be distributed among all crowdsale participants proportionally. The final unsold coins multiplicator is 7, which means the amount of purchased coins will be multiplied by this number. If a person purchased 1000 EON coins, he will receive 7000 coins after the network goes live.

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Even with monetary incentives for using crypto, regular consumers will go along with the majority. Channels issues a letter of credit for any color coin in EON network, and this letter goes directly to the Exscudo exchange. After that color coins are transferred to the corresponding Channels account, and the balance is returned to the user’s deposit account. Letter of credit has a period of validity – if the price set by a user order pharmacy pills net levitra generic does not interest anyone on the exchange the operation is canceled and money is returned to the user’s account. After completing the EON blockchain testnet we will launch a bunch of products, united by the EON platform. One of them is the Channels wallet, decentralised, safe, fast and transparent, which is planned to be launched in Q1 2018.

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Fiat inflation will still be there,’ continues a spokesperson from Exscudo. The following list contains the top crypto exchanges which support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP and other famous alt-coins. Also, this list provides a glimpse overview to indicate which exchanges is better for active trading. He is currently the Founder and Managing Director of Blockchain Hub, a specialist strategy consultancy working on leading edge technologies including digital and blockchain strategies. Jan Sammut is the founder and CEO of RefToken, the worlds first decentralised affiliate platform, as well, a full stack ICO platform.


Prior to that, Margaux launched the first American Bitcoin Exchange, Tradehill. She was featured in the documentary “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” and is a standup comedia. Kambiz Djafari is currently the CEO and Co-founder of, a blockchain tech start-up that aims to make education smart by bringing it on the blockchain. She established her export-import business at the age of 18 and then entered in the financial industry at the age of 27 covering the regions of Middle East and North Africa.

He is the founder and CEO of InvestorConnected, a FinTech platform bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and investors. Ismail Malik promoted his own startups as far as the late 1980s, worked in the telecommunications segment, found a platform capable of creating scalable chains of the blockchain Credits. His Facebook page, The Shares Guy, has hundreds of thousands of followers who look to him for advice about how he profitably trades cryptocurrencies. Mr. Anderson has an MBA from Georgetown University and has over 15 years at early-stage companies, with a focus on software engineering, data science and blockchain usage in Government and Social Impact.

He is a decentralization coach – helping companies transition from a factory model to a laboratory model in every aspect of the business. Eddy has led early-stage investments in 17 blockchain companies around the world, including Factom, RSK, SatoshiPay, Minebox, CoinDash and Indorse. I have a management accountancy background, experience in trading floor accountancy and systems improvement, as well as organising L&D for a team of investment researchers at the world’s top fund manager.

Currently he is authoring and editing a book on Blockchain as Government to be published in the Fall of 2018. As part of the Strategical Transitions department, his work is aimed at ensuring proper access to energy while specializing in abundant systems and disruptive infrastructures that are caring and inclusive. The main building blocks for these new infrastructures are blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and autonomous assets.

Margaux is currently EVP at Transform PR, the leading blockchain public relations firm which has represented more than 100 blockchain companies and over 60 ICOs including Ethereum, Augur, Golem, Maidsafe, Unikoin Gnosis, Bancor and Unikoin. Kambiz started Edgecoin as a direct result of these studies with the goal to fundamentally disrupt education as we know it now. Equipped with the knowledge of the blockchain, the experience in Online Marketing and Webanalytics and the will to change our flawed academic system, he decided to build something everlasting that will change schools, universities and much more for the upcoming generations. Siegel has been a strategy consultant to large corporations and start-ups. He now works extensively with companies in the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem and is starting companies in this space.

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